Plant Your Tree in Armenia

Support WCF’s latest reforestation project. We’re passionate about protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on planting native wild tree species, particularly wild fruit trees, to provide a valuable food source for wildlife. Our goal is to protect the flora and fauna in crucially important habitats and wildlife migratory corridors, while also helping to combat deforestation.


With your donation, we can make a real difference in Armenia and create a better future for all.

Please consider contributing to our reforestation project today. It’s simple: $5 = 1 tree. 🌳 

Why Plant Trees With WCF?

95% of our trees survive 💪

Anyone can plant a tree, but not everyone can keep it alive. According to recent studies, about half of all planted trees are gone within 5 years. Thanks to our planting methodology and devoted team of nursery workers and rangers, we have a 95% tree survival rate.

24/7 ranger patrol 🤠

Our dedicated team of rangers is patrolling the area 24/7 to prevent any illegal activity in the area and applying the newest technologies to monitor wildlife and protect the territory against any negative human impact.

260 soccer fields of land restored 🌳

We have already planted more than 350, 000 trees and restored more than 140 hectares of land. Most of the trees are fruit-bearing. They also serve as a food source for wildlife, fully restoring their habitat. Support our ambitious commitment to plant a total of 700 thousand trees by 2027.

400+ seasonal jobs for locals 👨‍🌾

Providing employment opportunities to locals is a great way to keep them in Armenia, where they’re needed the most. Every year we create seasonal jobs for the local population engaging them every step of the way, from seed collection to planting seedlings.

From Seeds to Plants

WCF’s community-based reforestation project has introduced closed root system of planting to Armenia. This method ensures very high tree survivability and success in restoring the forests we’ve lost.

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Restore & Revitalize

Your contribution helps us restore the degraded habitat for a wide array of irreplaceable species and enable the long-term flourishing of Armenia’s nature.

"Trees are a symbol of the continuity of life. They translate to clean air, healthy habitat, and rich biodiversity. Our work is essential for preservation of Armenia's rich natural heritage."
Ruben Khachatryan
WCF President